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Alena Roselove, Sam Ravenheart, And Matt Hall

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Alena Roselove, Sam Ravenheart, And Matt Hall

Post  Emo Kitty on Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:58 pm

Name: Alena Roselove
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Race: Fallen Angel
Teacher/Student: Student
Powers/Abilities: Can fly with her wings, controls fire and Mind reading
Bio: She was welcomed to the school, as she was gifted and showed talent. She discovered her ability for fire at a young age, and over time it has become her strongest ability. Mind reading is her hidden power, she prefers not to use it. She loves to fly, alone if she has to, but also with others.
Personality: Quiet, once she knows people, she can be outgoing, and wants to join in. Loving, Protective

Name: Sam Ravenheart
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Race: Vampire
Teacher/Student: Teacher
Powers/Abilities: Usual vamp abilities (Speed Strength Agility), Water, Future Sighting
Bio: He too was considored gifted like the other students here. He was happy to have come, as he was an Orphan, he changed his last name to Ravenheart when he came.
Personality: Kind, caring, outgoing, loving, shy

Name: Matt Hall
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Race: Werewolf
Teacher/Student: Student
Powers/Abilities: Can communicate with any one via mind, can see the future.
Bio: Matt is a pure bred wolf, He came from a family of werewolves, but He ran away. People got abusive, and tried forcing him into marriage at 14 years of age, so she hid out in the forests of RDA In wolf form. He was found by a caring teacher, and he brought him into the school to help him. All he had with him was a bag of clothes, his cell phone, money and credit cards.
Personality: Shy, can get scared been round other people. Prefers to be in wolf form.

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